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If you can login at But cannot login at the main site, please DO NOT SUBMIT any ticket or DO NOT CONTACT to reactive your account or requesting payment, we will send all payment for active and inactive admin, therefore NO NEED to submit ticket and all reactivation request will Not answered or considered. However, we are considering review all terminated teams and we may reactive admin who have an average reputation and have at least number of good workers, also attempted to fix there team.

List of Reactivated admin

Today (14 March 2015), we have reactivated 39 admins by considering some fact, those admin listed below are fully operational, however, those are subject to close monitoring.
captchabuster babycandy hasnainahmad APRNAEU61
majidaslam nicefastyper bdtarinbd APRLATU55
eenahmarie5710 rashid904 bdmmun APRNYUU46
RobelNIghtworker KaramHussain durgafasttypers Laura
tuphuong budilikeitcaptcha raojavedtt abdul789
vieclam365 giging MARGULU64 Jenny25
lovebd02 ronstn MARQADU69 SHAHBAZ70
azmath.azeem Datasolutions2013 atik784 NUR264
usman195 bd84 APRWAZU29 Arshad682
wanwan1910 rainbow APRNAEU61  


Using any kind of 3rt party software or any Multi Server software are prohibited. We keep our best effort to find any user who using such software. We have implement computer and human mixed multi-tier abuse detection system. Now the system can detect any abusive activity, suspend and fired user automatically, with it, our checker team are monitoring 24/7. Also we have assigned a tier two executive team to review all action by tier one regular checker and the automatic system.

Permanently Terminated/Deleted account Statistics and Payment

Admin account, which has been terminated permanently or deleted from live server, statistics and payment related information available in even if deleted or fired in live server, account may appear as active in manage site. The account appear as active in manage site eligible for payment, Even though it’s fired in fasttypers live server.