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Fasttypers official software are not working anymore, Use regular browser to work.

New message : No more request, no more swear to GOD.

Fasttypers Support portal

-------------Fraud ALERT ---------------

Fasttypers owner/team have not any other website then

We had informed some people claim that, they belong to fasttypers and providing work to some other website. In addition, some people claim they are fasttypers team or its owner. I am clarifying that, Fasttypers do not provide any other work in other server or any other website; we have only one site

Be aware about cheater, That claim they are from official fasttypers Team

we would not contact with any people from other email instead of address. If someone comes with other email address, like or @anything else instead of (email id) and say, from fasttypers. That is liar. If you reply such email, please check the reply to email, else you can be get Scammed.